Zero-Trust security

End-to-end encryption solution based on the Zero-Trust principle

Innovative security strategy
Introducing an unprecedented security framework based on the Zero Trust concept, a pioneering approach in the OTT industry to protect video content and business information.
End-to-End encryption
All customer content assets and confidential data is fully encrypted throughout the entire streaming business process, from the very beginning to end users.
Well-designed keychain series
Multiple series of keys ensure authentication and authorization for different roles at various stages. Powered by widely-used algorithms, including SHA-256, AES-ECB, and PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-512.
Goose DRM
The Goose platform not only supports Widevine and Fairplay but also offers an in-house Goose DRM, granting customers full control over their assets, including DRM keys.

Never trust, always encrypt

Encryption takes place within a customer-controlled environment, where the Goose platform exclusively stores encrypted data. Without the appropriate encryption key, neither access to nor decryption of customer data is possible—not even for Goose. The encryption process is entirely under the control of the customer, who holds the keychain for complete oversight and management.

How it works

This diagram is solely a reference for the entire protection scope of Zero-Trust framework ultimately, which will be progressively achieved.