A cloud-based Content Marketplace

One-Stop platform bridging the gap between content owners and streaming service operators
Revolutionary business model
Direct connections between sellers and buyers regardless of scale or location.
Quick transaction
Streamlined processes, automated fulfillment, and seamless delivery for instant streaming.
Privacy protection
Access to content bundles is granted only with proper and prior authorization from content owners.
High security
The business data in the whole process is fully encrypted, and Multi DRM protects all the video contents.


Best-in-class solution to ensure content providers easily maximize content monetization while mitigating any associated risks.
• Easily discover highly valuable customers
• Manage content, contracts, licenses and revenue from one place
• Close faster deals based on flexible pricing terms and collect payments automatically
• Monitor cashflows and access to royalty reports & BI analysis


Top-notch solution that empowers service providers to easily get plenty of quality content licensing and stay ahead of industry competition.
• Streamlined process for browsing content, making deals, and submitting payments.
• Seamless integration with the Goose Video SaaS platform.
• Instant delivery of content to millions of streaming devices.
• Access to automatically generated billing statements and reports for informed decision-making.

Facilitates a simpler, safer and more transparent business scheme of content licensing than ever before