Grow your business with ads

The Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD) service has been growing in popularity, providing a free business model and bringing back free TV. Goose embraces this and provides the right AVOD technology solution to make your business grow faster.

Full Support

Goose provides you with a friendly interface integrating useful advertising functions to help your business throughout the whole process.
You'll be able to manage:
✔ Advertisers
✔ Ad sources
✔ Ad delivery
✔ Data reports

Flexible Ad Slots

Goose provides ad slots through different templates for AVOD model in:
✔ Banner
✔ Pause
✔ Pre-roll
✔ Mid-roll
✔ Post-roll

Complete Data Reports

Goose provides easy access to key indicators and metrics with a multidimensional data query method and ad performance data, such as advertiser, slot, activity and source ID. It's your chance to analyze ad performance to the fullest.